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Outsourcing – “Building your dedicated technical team”


If you have chosen VIETNAM to establish your outsourcing operation, then you should know all the advantages and weaknesses of doing business in this country and have a good understanding of the local industry, business culture and people mentality.

At UNIQ Global, we have in-depth understanding of the imminent complexity of running an outsourcing operation. We will take charge of dealing with all local dilemmas or the social aspect of the business and commit ourself to provide excellent environment and resources for our customer to build their own operation.

We’re from North-America, we are open and direct in our practice, and respect business intellectual right. We cultivate and adopte our working culture to the local resources. Therefore, with us you know who you’re dealing with and what to expect. We warrant our service by sharing the risk with you in building your operation.

UNIQ Global could help you on other labor intensive type of works that require specific technical skills such as digitization, graphic layout, data processing, business processing, etc. We work with you to set up an explicit team of dedicate professionals for your own operation. Some professional service operations that we are currently working on include:

  • Graphic layout and CAD (Integrated circuit, network, telecom, animation etc.)
  • Software quality assurance and testing (verification and validation) More>>
  • Information engineering and backoffice operation (Data Conversion, Data Entry)

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