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UNIQ offers the services:

  • Project management
  • Network Conception and design
  • Network management and suppport
  • Outsourcing


GPR Technology

  • GPR Technology
  • GPR Technology
  • GPR Technology
  • GPR Technology
  • GPR Technology

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UNIQ Global offers the following services:

Project management

  • Project initiation, needs assessment & analysis and strategy
  • Project planing: feasibility, estimation and proposal
  • Project deployment and tracking
  • Project quality assurance and inspection

Network conception and design:

  • Aerial and underground infrastructures for feeder and distribution networks.
  • CATV network infrastructure, Cable interfaces.
  • Manholes, cablevaults, environmental huts, floor closets.

Network management and suppport:

  • Aerial and underground infrastructures database setup, management and support.
  • Provide design and conception on network change and improvement.
  • Network layout and mapping.
  • Locating Utilities: Ground penetrating radar (GPR). 2D and 3D, Locate utilities, lateral position and depth.



Outsourcing is a business strategy for today's increasing competition to stay ahead of others. An appropriate outsourcing model could significantly help company reduce costs, risks, and time to market.